July 11, 2005

Petition against drug paraphernalia

Dear Neighbors, Below is a bulletin received from the L Streets Neighborhood Association's "umbrella" neighborhood association, the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association, concerning the petition drive to help stop the sale of drug paraphernalia in Lake Highlands. Be sure to check out additional information and see photos located on the LHAIA website: http://www.lhaia.org/. For your convenience, these petitions will be placed on SIX PORCHES through July, beginning NOW. Please take the time to drop by and sign--no need to ring the bell or schedule a time. Thanks to the many of you who have already signed the petition! Signatures collected here in our L Streets neighborhood will be delivered to the LHAIA in early August. THE SIX PORCH LOCATIONS WHERE YOU WILL SIGN THE PETITION ARE:

8945 Lockhaven
8843 Larchwood
10665 Le Mans
9034 Lydgate
9017 Livenshire
10208 Linkwood

In the July issue of the Lake Highlands Advocate, Councilman Bill Blaydes says, "The Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association is continuing to work its better apartment management campaign, and its petition against drug paraphernalia being sold in area stores is to be delivered to merchants throughout the area. Thank you to all involved in this dramatic stand for the quality of life in our neighborhood."

Neighbors, we need your immediate attention to this matter to sign the petitions located on these six porches no later than 7/31/05. Time only allows us to send only one more email reminder before the month-end signature deadline.

All of us L Streets residents have the same overall goal and that's to make our L Streets and Lake Highlands safer and free of illegal drug dealers and users. Historically, with this kind of element in our neighborhoods may come prostitution, crime and other illegal activities. So it's up to each individual person (over 18) in your household to sign this petition and show criminals they are not welcome in the L Streets or in Lake Highlands, or in Dallas for that matter.

Our hope is that this effort will wake up the entire city whereby all of our residents will take a stand to clean up Dallas like the LHAIA is doing to clean up Lake Highlands. But right now we're working on our immediate area only and WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE A GREATER IMPRESSION ON THE CITY AND POLICE TO URGE THEM TO RESPOND NOW TO THE DRUG PARAPHERNALIA PROBLEM IN LAKE HIGHLANDS!

The Dallas Morning News has contacted me and some other Lake Highlands association presidents to ask questions about this campaign, so look for the article in the near future. This is great news for us to have the media interested in this and it keeps the problem in the forefront and puts the police and city officials on notice that we're serious about helping to alleviate the problem.

Please become part of history and sign the petition by 7/31/05. Thank you so much for your old-fashioned grass roots efforts and care for our neighbors and beautiful neighborhood.

Best regards,

Rogeta Halvorson, President
L Streets Neighborhood Association