April 16, 2007

Conserve Water and Still Maintain a Beautiful Yard With These Tips

Water Wise Gardening

Even with the City of Dallas current water Restrictions, you can still create an attractive garden without using large amounts of water.

The trick is soil preparation and mulch. These are essential in a water wise garden. You need to develop a nutritious drained soil to support plants during drought. A good mulch will:

• Add nutrients and humus to the soil as it breaks down,
• Keeps the soil temperature level,
• Allows for deep and infrequent watering,
• Encourages earthworm activity which creates channels for the passage of water,
• Suppress weed growth.

Soaker hoses and line drippers are low pressure watering systems that are designed for placing under the mulch. The hoses deliver water directly to the plant’s roots over a period of several hours. Inline drippers may also be used for lawns.

Group plants with similar water and light requirements. This way the plants will not be over or under watered.

Yard of the Month - We All Take Pride in Our Homes and Yards - Let's Show It!!!

Know of a great yard? Maybe it’s your neighbor! Maybe it’s your best friend! The YOM committee needs your help to find the best yard to recognize!

Nominate a yard for yard of the month, every month from April to October. The YOM committee honors one resident who takes pride in the their yard and landscaping. Winners receive a $50.00 gift certificate from Calloway’s nursery, Yard of the Month sign placed in his or her yard and the winning yard will be pictured on the L streets website.

Show someone you have noticed his or her hard work and nominate a yard today! Simply email the yard of the month chair at www.lstreets.org. Nominations must be received by the 27th of each month.

Dean Terry Creator of the Film "Subdivided: Isolation and Community in America" is Playing This Sunday 4/22nd...

Dean Terry is a confirmed speaker at our May 8th L-Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting. If you get a chance to view his film this Sunday, please do so. He will be speaking on the subject of his film and evolving neighborhood dynamics at our upcoming meeting. For more information about Dean Terry or his film please see the links listed below. Thanks. - The L Streets Neighborhood Association.

Subdivided: Isolation and Community In America
a film by Dean Terry

Featuring Andres Duany, Robert Putnam, James Howard Kunstler, Dolores Hayden, Bill Gietema, and the East Dallas Neighborhood of Little Forest Hills.

USA Film Festival
Sunday April 22nd at 3pm
Angelika Theatre in Dallas.

For more info on Subdivided, clips, and reviews see:

About the USA Film Festival

About the Angelika