October 22, 2007

Calloway's "Timely Tip" for November Gardners

Brighten up your fall and winter landscape
with annual flowers. Go ahead
and add those tired, bloomed out
summer flowers to your compost piles
and replace them with fresh, colorful

Pansies are by far the most popular
winter color. Big blooms, a wide selection
of colors and good cold tolerance
make them a favorite in the winter garden.
Dianthus, Snapdragons, Cyclamen,
Violas and the fragrant Alyssum
are also good choices for cold tolerant
annuals. Ornamental Cabbage and Kale
provide striking foliage forms for the
landscape as well as color. For best effect,
limit your planting to two or three
colors per bed.

The key to growing beautiful annual
flowers is soil preparation. Select a
well drained flowerbed and add lots of
organic matter such as Calloway’s Organic
Compost or Bedding Plant Mix.
Add either Calloway’s Flower Food or
Blood and Bone Meal to the soil at
planting to provide the extra nutrients
for growth and blooms. Mulch well to
reduce moisture loss and to insulate
the soil.

These same annuals can be used in
patio containers. Fill your containers
with fresh potting soil and plant food.
Keep them watered as necessary.
Pinching off faded blooms will encourage
repeat blooming. Now sit back and enjoy this instant
transformation to your landscape!