December 8, 2006

Crime Watch 1088 - West of L Streets

LRE FAN CLUBLake Highlands Crime Watch 1088

SPECIAL Update, 8 December 2006

Covering the Highland Hills and Lake Ridge Estates Neighborhoods Bounded by McCree, Ferndale, Shoreview, and AudeliaAnnouncement and Voice Mail (214) 967-5072

Please make plans to attend a special Crime Watch meeting next week at the Dallas Police Substation on Northwest Highway.

Sr. Cpl. Ron Carpenter will be addressing our group with updates on the two attempted armed robberies, as well as other items of importance related to neighborhood safety and the holiday season.

Thursday, Dec. 14th
Dallas Police NE Substation
9915 E. Northwest Highway
7:00 p.m.

Enter the building through the front door by the flagpoles, as no other entrances are open to the public.

Please share this information with your neighbors. We have quite a few residents who do not have Internet access.

Thank you & be safe,
LRE FAN Club/CW 1088

December 4, 2006

Homeless Shelter Details from Crime Watch 1077

We have neighbors that are AWESOME and scary on the computer and this is the report they filed after researching recent reports. Thanks to all of you!

The Jules E. Murchert United States Army Reserve Center,10031 East Northwest Highway, is part of the base sell-off plan that began during the Clinton Administration.

Spoke with the city of dallas development department this morning:

They are acting as agents for the army. By law the army has to invite proposals from various groups. The city on their behalf screens those proposals. The deadline to submit proposals has passed. The applicants are:
3 homeless assistance/low incoming housing charities
The city of dallas parks department
Dallas County Sherrifs office for a training facility
The city of dallas enviromental department for offices

The city will make a recommendation to the army. The army has the option to reject the recommendation, but that rarely happens. Further, in all these military property closings accross the country very few of them have been transfered to charities. Usually, the city agent snaps them up for their own use. It would not be fiscally responsible for the city not to do that as the property is FREE to them.

Almost nothing will happen until the first of 2007. The city has 270 days from September 29 to make a recommendation to the army. The development office is very careful about what they say as there are rules about this process. Will call again in January to get an updated status.

What can we do to effect the outcome? In 2007, depending on how the process is going we might want to have an email campaign on behalf of the parks department. I think they have the inside track of the non charity related. Mainly, because its so painfully obvious they need the facility. They are bursting out of that little building on Northwest Highway at Flag Pole Hill. The Reserve Center sits at the center of White Rock Lake, Flag Pole Hill, and the baseball diamonds. It is already set up for their uses and there will never be an opportunity like this for them again. They are lobbying hard for this and have prepared an excellent presentation proposal.

On another note; the army will probably not actually leave the armory facility until 2009. Then the proposal winner will take possesion.

Neighborhood Watch #1077 strongly supports the selection of the City Of Dallas Parks Dept. for this site. The Parks Department does excellent work and positively affects EVERY citizen of Dallas. Further, we believe that it would be a dereliction of their financial duty for the city not to appropriate this property for such an excellent use since its FREE.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to express your opinions on the site being selected as a possible homeless shelter.
Neighborhood Watch 1077
We are 570 homes North of McCree Rd., South of Walnut Hill Lane, East of Ferndale Rd., and West of Plano Rd.