November 12, 2005

Grand Opening Celebration

(formerly Tiger Bulls)
Forest Abrams Shopping Center

1:00 PM - Saturday - November 12

Free fries and drinks Fun for kids Food samples
Luan Vraniqi, owner of Primo Brothers Pizza, has opened a new restaurant just down the sidewalk in the old Tiger Bull's location. This time he's serving up burgers, sandwiches and Tex-Mex. Menu items also include salads, desserts and kid's stuff. Ideal family dining. Please join in the grand opening celebration on Saturday, November 12th at 1:00 PM.

November 8, 2005

Wal Mart Hearing

Fellow Lake Highlanders,

You at needed tomorrow, November 9, 2005 at 1:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The Public Hearing and Council vote on the Wal Mart Zoning application is scheduled at that time.

Differences of opinion over support for City Charter Amendment Proposition # 1 have caused friction, but will be settled by voters today. These differences have caused strained relationships - please, let the healing begin - and completed QUICKLY!
Lake Highlands needs ALL of the Heavy-Hitters to voice support tomorrow!

Opposition to Charter Amendment 14 used the phrase, "We Can Do Better."

Wal Mart is the Best We Can Do! The proposed Wal Mart re-development at Forest and Abrams is Lake Highland's best option! Jimmy Christon shopped the tract to every potential re-developer he knew - Wal Mart was the ONLY taker!

What to expect tomorrow -
(1) Opposition from the two neighborhood associations closest to the proposed re-development, with a significant turn-out of their members in the Council chambers audience.
(2) Another attempt by the Mayor and the representative of District 13 to notice the opposition and then to try to "trip-up" our Council member. REMEMBER THE TIF HEARING AND VOTE

These public hearings tend to be an endurance contest - wear comfortable shoes, clothing, etc. - and bring a book.

- Bill Vandivort