February 16, 2007


On the 9100 block of Larchwood there are two properties side by side that have been bought by Elizabeth Newman Custom Homes. Both lots have signs that say Build to Suit. I went to the website and all they build are McMansions most of which are in the M Streets. We can not let this happen to our neighborhood. Some might think that it will increase the property values of the area... NOT TRUE! The property values will actually decrease for most of us because the properties become tear downs and are appraised at lot value instead of house value. There was a story on just this very topic on Nightline just a couple of weeks ago( http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=2789656 ). House value is just one part of the picture though... What about those of us who want to stay here awhile? I know I don’t want one of those monster houses that has none of the same styling or architecture on my street, I like our quaint little houses, that is why I moved here. I have spent a lot of money to upgrade and clean up my house but kept the integrity of what the neighborhood is about. If I wanted to live in Plano, I would have bought a house in Plano. I have contacted the office of Bill Blaydes and am waiting to hear back. Does anyone know of anything we can do to stop this? Please, PLEASE forward this message on as it affects all of us. Once this trend starts, it will be near impossible to stop. -- Dean Minney