October 11, 2005

LHAIA Legal Defense Fund

LHAIA Legal Fund Appeal
The LHAIA has decided that it is in the interest of our area to intervene in selected lawsuits filed by the City against the owners of problematic apartment properties. We also anticipate that we will file lawsuits in the future against irresponsible property owners/managers, regardless of City of Dallas participation.

We need your help. In the current lawsuit in which we have intervened, a mediation has been scheduled between the City of Dallas and the apartment owner. We have been invited to attend the mediation. There are fees charged by the mediator – in this case $1,000 per party. We had asked, and the mediator had agreed, to waive the fee in the case of the LHAIA, but counsel for the apartment owner refuses to agree to our participation if we do not pay the fee. We feel it is important that we attend this mediation in order to clearly make the position of the LHAIA and the Highland Meadows Neighborhood Association known and have our concerns addressed.

Can you help with a donation? No fee is being charged by counsel for LHAIA and Highland Meadows Neighborhood Association in this case. We expect that representation in future cases will be on a pro bono (no cost) basis. If not, we will let you know. The funds solicited will be used for unavoidable costs such as mediation fees, court reporter fees (for depositions), filing fees, service of process fees, etc.
Please make your contributions (checks) payable to LHAIA, and send them in care of the following:

C/O Stephen N. Wakefield
9916 Wood Forest Dr.
Dallas, Texas 75243

October 10, 2005

Verified Response

Chief Kunkle proposes that police no longer respond to home alarms unless someone verfies a crime has actually occurred. Over 97 % of alarms are false according to the DPD.

The Dallas City Council will hold a hearing on October 12th at 1 PM, but the time will be limited due to the Yom Kippur holiday. Comments will continue to be heard through October 26, 2005.