March 25, 2006

Continue to Receive Crime News Emails

The L Streets Neighborhood Association is upgrading it's Email services.

We will be transitioning from sending emails from our Hotmail account to a new account associated with our website called a Listserv. This new procedure will allow us to provide more timely information, greater security, and update and correct our lists. Many of you have moved and or have a new Email address and we need to make sure we have the most current address for you. All future correspondence will be communicated through the ListServ starting April 15th.

Please follow the steps below to sign up for the new Listserv.

1. If you wish to continue to receive L Streets email communication, you MUST follow these 5 steps:
Enter your name
Enter your physical address
Enter your email address
You will receive an email to validate the email address you enter and you MUST click the link provided in the email to be added to the distribution list.

2. If you wish NOT to receive L Streets email communications:
Do nothing