September 23, 2005

Cut in Code Compliance Budget

September 22, 2005

To: All Homeowner Associations & Crime Watch Groups

Please contact Mary Suhm and request/demand that $300,000.00 not be removed from the budget for the Department of Code Compliance. Funding for this department is critical to the ability to monitor and correct substandard conditions in apartments and other properties in Lake Highlands. You may contact Ms. Suhm at her email address: Phone Number: 214-670-4509.

Thank you for your help, and please spread the word.


Stephen N. Wakefield
President--Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association

Doc's Food Store - Illegal Pornography Hearing


On Wednesday September 28th there will be a hearing downtown regarding Doc's Food Store's (SE corner of Forest and Abrams) recent citation for obscene display of pornography. In the past six months Doc's has also been cited for violations of city and federal laws including illegal gambling and health code violations. They have been a public nuisance for years.

The property owners have chosen to ignore this illegal activity and to allow Doc's to continue to operate in our community. Our elected officials need to understand that there is significant community interest in seeing that Doc's is held accountable for their flagrant irresponsibility in abiding by city and federal laws.

Please join other Lake Highlands residents at this hearing to make a statement that businesses such as Doc's are not tolerated by our community. Please let Sandy Laber know if you are able to attend by emailing her at

The hearing details are as follows:
September 28th 8:30a.m
Court #5
Dallas Municipal Building
106 South Harwood
Dallas, TX 75202