January 19, 2006

Albertson's Deal Back On

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the 9.6 Billion Dollar purchase by Supervalu and a consortium of private equity investors is progressing again. When the Albertson's on NW Highway is gone, let's hope someone quickly moves in and the area is not deserted. If Kroger moves their store to this location, then the Kroger store on NW highway may sit empty for a while.

Attention Lake Highlands Community!

Attention Lake Highlands Community!

The Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association

invites you to attend the

LHAIA General Meeting

Monday, January 23, 2005
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Lake Highlands Freshman Center Auditorium
10200 White Rock Trail (75238)
Map of Location-Click Here


· Introduction
· Goals for 2006
· Developments
1. Kingsley Square
§ Marco- General Manager of LAFitness
§ Update on the project
2. Kohl’s Department Stores
§ Kevin Ripley- Store Manager
3. Creekside Villas
§ Neal Heckel- Developer
· Lake Highlands Attorney Advisory Group
1. Newport Landing & Bent Creek Apartments
2. Code Enforcement and City Ordinances
· Crime Watch and You
1. Revamped Crime Watch Committee
2. Information on the first LHAIA Crime Watch Summit
· What's happening in the Apartments
· Major Update on the Sign and Beautification Project
· Questions

Sean Christopher – Executive Vice President: email: Schristopher@lhaia.org
Robin Norcross – VP of Communications: email: robinn@ebby.com

Please forward this message or tell all of your friends in Lake Highlands.

If you did not get this email directly from the LHAIA, please go to http://lhaia.org/Subscribe.php to subscribe to the LHAIA list serve.