February 2, 2006

Lake Highlands Crime Summit

Attention HOA Presidents, Crime Watch Chairs, and residents intrested in reducing crime:

The LHAIA Crime Watch Committee will hold the first Lake Highlands Crime Watch Summit at 7:00pm Monday, Febuary 6th at the Lake Highlands Recreation Center. (9940 White Rock Trail; 75238)

The Crime Watch Summit will be a new meeting in which Crime Watch Chairs and HOA/Neighborhood Presidents from the various neighborhoods within Lake Highlands will meet and formulate a plan and exchange ideas to reduce crime in all of Lake Highlands. The first meeting will focus on:

What the problems are in your neighborhood.
How we all can work together to reduce crime.
How we (LH) can work more closely with the Dallas Police Department.
How we can communicate effectively with all of Lake Highlands.

As we all know, criminals do not care where our HOA boundaries start or finish and we must all work together to get the message across to criminals that we (the Lake Highlands community) will not accept or put up with crime. If we all work together, we can ensure that Lake Highlands will be one of the safest areas in Dallas.

For more information please contact Larry Jones at crimewatch@lhaia.org or contact Sean Christopher at Schristopher@lhaia.org.