March 23, 2013

Lake Highlands Women’s Self-defense Class

The LHJWL and LHAECPTA are presenting a Women’s Self Defense Class on Wednesday, March 27 from 6 – 8PM at the Lake Highlands High School Main Gym at 9449 Church Road conducted by the Chamberlain Studio of Self Defense. The class is open to teens and up and is free of charge as part of Chamberlain Studio's community outreach program.

For more information, please send an email to or visit

Wear loose comfortable clothing and pants to cover the knees.

The Rape Crisis Center will also be available.

Thank you,

Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association

Here's a link to the flyer: workshop.jpg

March 21, 2013

Lake Highlands Prayer Walk this Sunday

A Prayer Walk has been organized for this Sunday, March 24 at 4 p.m at the corner of Church and Ferndale and at Gunnison and Claybrook. For more info, visit

Area crime update for 3/21/13

The following information is courtesy Joan Quiett of the Lakeridge Estates North Neighborhood Association (bordered by Walnut Hill Ln., Ferndale, McCree, and Audelia):

Last night I requested from Senior Corporal Alena Gallardo -- our Community Police Officer a confirmation of what I thought I heard at the Crime Summit. Did not want to pass on any misleading information. What I understood was that all of the women were young (20's and 30's) and in the first 2 cases, there was no male presence in the house. The third case happened after her husband has left for work. She confirmed only that they were young.

She pointed out that as is often the case in incidents like these, descriptions were changing some as events became clearer.

She added the following advice:
"Just tell people to be very aware of the surroundings, call 911 for anyone looking suspicious in the neighborhood, going door to door. Tell them to secure everything as much as possible, get alarms if possible, don't walk dogs or children without cell phone and if they leave the house, look around the yard, look down the street to see if anyone is watching people. Hope that helps. We are working very hard on trying to catch the suspect or suspects. We have beat officers assigned to beats 247/248 24 hours a day and not leaving the area. Mounted patrol is in the area, as well as bike officers."

Dallas Police Free Home Security Survey

WFAA/Channel 8 reported that the Dallas police are offering a free home security survey to Lake Highlands residents who want advice about how to harden their homes to prevent intruders.

Call 214-671-0155 or 214-671-0160 to schedule an appointment.