April 8, 2006

Do You Want to Drink Cleaner Water?

The City of Dallas has a helpful website listing what you can do to help keep our local water clean and about the different water sources for the city.


April 7, 2006

Teen Magazine Sales

These guys seem to hit our neighborhood every year. . .

Teens duped into selling mags and duping you
We’re getting closer to summer and the time when more scam artists try to take our money. One of these scams involves young people who sell magazines door-to-door. They claim they are working their way through school by selling magazines, and it’s a lie. The worst part is that these young people work for real lowlifes who have recruited them, moved them across the country and put them out on the road selling all hours of the day. These people, who are usually 18 or 19, are just dropped off in a van and told to sell magazines or they won’t eat. It’s mental abuse and for some reason the young people see no way out. Clark’s advice is to give the young people a little money or help getting home, but don’t buy the magazines. You will pay an exorbitant amount and will probably never see them. And, if you have teenagers who will soon be adults and are looking for a job, remember that this is going on. The ads will claim that the young people will “see the world” and make money while doing it. The truth is it’s extortion and it’s a con. Keep an eye on your kids.

From Clark Howard