November 27, 2006

Homeless Shelter Location in Lake Highlands

District 10 Constituents:

It has been reported that a homeless shelter is eminent for the Lake Highlands area and that the Armory on Northwest Highway was the location I had chosen for this project.
In an effort to set the record straight let me explain my comments to the Neighborhood Watch 1077 homeowners group last week.

In an effort to inform the area of possible events I informed the group that all Councilpersons have been asked to consider possible site(s) for a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) facility. I was contacted by Dallas Christian Ministries (DCM) several weeks ago about the Armory site on Northwest Highway. They had seen a notice that the Federal government was going to sell the site since the Armory’s lease expired this year and they were not renewing. They, D.C.M. were making an offer on the property subject to receiving State funding for a non-profit shelter facility on the Northwest Highway site.

I responded that it would be a very difficulty zoning issue but would wait to see any plan they had to offer.

I told the Neighborhood Watch #1077 group that if we had to have a shelter in the District that a site on Northwest Highway, next to the Police Station, separated from single family by an electrical substation and a 100 foot wide power easement and just half a block from the federal low income housing for seniors seemed to make some sense.

In order for any of this to occur:
1. Site must be accepted by the State for a project of this nature;
2. D.C.M. must be approved by State funding for the project;
3. Zoning must be obtained requiring at a minimum two (2) public hearings. Not to mention the neighborhood hearings I would require.
4. D.C.M. must be a successful bidder for Federal owned property

We are a long way from seeing anything like this in our area!

I have not approved anything. Nor was it my intention to advocate for the project. The intent was to inform on the possibilities. That is my job as I understand the job. My feelings regarding the project are not important as I represent the majority and your ideas are what counts.

I hope this email answers your questions.

Councilmember Bill Blaydes