June 23, 2015

Summer Meeting - Crime Watch Reboot

L Streets NA Summer Meeting - Crime Watch Reboot
Thursday, July 9, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Highlands Christian Church, 9949 McCree Road
Guest Speaker, Crime Watch and VIP Guru, Darrell Wood

Darrell Wood's story is about how he helped change his neighborhood.

It's a fact. Crime happens in our L Streets Neighborhood. From July 2014 through last weekend there have been 46 incidents of crime that have impacted us in our L Streets Neighborhood homes. Two of those were robberies — violent crime — fortunately no one was seriously injured.

Crime is a "lowest common denominator" because it can happen to anyone. Crime has a negative pull. Crime makes us less safe. Crime costs us time. Crime costs us money. Crime can even act to lower real estate value and, as you know, real estate value in the L Streets Neighborhood is well worth protecting.

Come to learn how Crime Watch is not activity that requires a lot of time, it's really an attitude. A positive force.