June 28, 2005

YOM Chairman Announcements

1) Many thanks go to Karen Olson Smith, who lead the YOM committee during the first two months of the program. Karen has decided to step down as the chairman, but we're fortunate she'll remain active in our L Streets N. A. activities.
2) Debbie Thomas has accepted the challenge to become the new YOM chairman. Debbie is enthusiastic about getting more involved with our neighborhood by leading and expanding the YOM program. Rogeta Halvorson is serving as the board liaison to work with Debbie to help administer the program. If you're interested in joining the YOM committee or have questions about the program, please call Debbie Thomas at 214.553.0980 to get started today.
Our L Streets YOM program is very contagious and there are noticeable improvements all over -- as commented by our own neighbors and outside people -- in the look and feel of our neighborhood. So join in and catch the excitement by participating today in whatever capacity fits you and your family (e.g. join YOM committee, send in nominations, plant flowers, edge yard, donate prize, etc.). Let's all work together to improve our immediate area, which will spread to adjoining neighborhoods and soon we'll notice a better Lake Highlands too.