September 27, 2005

Suhm Replies

One of our residents received the note below in response to his complaint about the cut in code compliance funds.


Please be assured that the Department of Code Compliance budget is not being reduced but in fact is being increased by $1.5 million. The current fiscal year budget is $21.1 million and the next fiscal year proposed budget is $22.6 million. There will be no reduction of service in Lake Highlands or any other part of town. My goal is to deliver high quality code compliance service to all citizens of Dallas.

I know that Lake Highlands has been experiencing the challenges of the over building of apartment complexes for many years and that the multi-family code compliance inspectors are one of the most important services that the City provides to the area. The department currently has 30 multifamily inspectors with three vacancies. The department plans to be fully staffed by late October. I appreciate your concern and interest in the Department of Code Compliance and the well-being of the City of Dallas.


Mary K. Suhm Kathleen Davis
City Manager Director, Code Compliance