August 7, 2006

Dallas Street Topper Program Rules

These street topper signs do not have anything to do with public safety and mobility, the City is not responsible for the sign installation and maintenance.

The Department of Public Works and Transportation, however, will review these signs and their intended locations prior to their installation, to insure that they will not impede any public safety. Dimension of the topper sign cannot be larger than 24" x 9". No sign topper will be allowed to mount on the traffic signal mast arm.

Alex Wong, Senior Program Manager (214-670-4654), Traffic Field Operations (3204 Canton Street), Public Works and Transportation, is the contact person.

Upon request from the neighborhood association, a cost estimate for the fabrication and installation of these signs or installation only (if signs are fabricated elsewhere) by City Forces based on overtime will be provided. City Forces can only use colors that are typical for traffic signs. The Association will have to purchase the signs from outside private sign company if special colors are used. However, signs must be installed by City Forces.

The neighborhood association needs to provide the following information in order for the City to provide a cost estimate:

1. Location map to identify where these signs will be installed. Signs shall be installed only at locations with existing street name signs. Sign toppers are placed on existing poles (2 signs per pole, back to back).
2. Also identify the street for which the installed sign toppers will be paralleled to.
3. Identify types of existing poles at these locations. Typically there are three types of poles:

a. round pole with brackets at the top to which the street name signs are fastened.

b. round pole with square extension to which the street name signs are fastened.

c. square pole with (2) 7/16 inch diameter pre-drilled holes 3", 4" 5" or 6" on center from hole to hole to which the street name signs are attached.

If the neighborhood association chooses to have City Forces fabricate and install their signs after conducting price comparison with other vendors, they will deliver the aluminum sign blanks to Transportation Field Operations at 3204 Canton Street with a check for fabrication and installation payable to City of Dallas. Fabrication and installation is normally completed within two to four weeks, weather permitting.

Note: 1. Republic Sheeting Co. (214-631-8070) is one of the area vendors some neighborhood associations used to purchase the aluminum sign blank. They will custom cut the sign blanks for $ 9.50 to $ 14.00 for one 24' x 9" aluminum blank depending on the quantity.

2. Morrison Sign Company (972-247-7160) is one company suggested by some neighborhood associations that will sell both the aluminum blanks and have the sign fabricated as well.

3. Average fabrication and installation cost by City Forces per location ( 1 pole extension with two one-sided signs) is about $ 70.00 - $ 120.00 depending on the existing pole types.

Please note that there is no requirement the neighborhood associations need to purchase sign blanks or finished signs from either Republic or Morrison Sign companies. Their names are provided for reference only.

When the street topper sign needs replacing due to vandalism, loss or normal wear, the neighborhood association shall bear the cost to replace the sign at the then prevailing rate for such signs. The City of Dallas reserves its right to remove any street topper signs that have become unsightly without replacing the sign.