October 16, 2006

Department of: Let’s All Try to Get Along

You may have noticed that the trails and roadways inside and adjacent to White Rock Lake Park are becoming more and more crowded. There have been a growing number of accidents and near accidents involving automobiles, runners, and bikers. In an unprecedented effort to reach agreement on how everyone can use the park safely, all White Rock Lake Park users -- neighborhood associations, joggers, hikers, cyclists, bikers, walkers, marathoners, athletic clubs, sports associations, dog owners, etc. -- are invited to attend a White Rock Users Summit, Tuesday, October 24th at 6:30 p.m., at Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake. The Summit is being jointly sponsored by six City of Dallas Departments: Police, Fire & Rescue, Public Works, Dallas Water Utilities, Animal Services, and Park and Recreation.Come and share your concerns, ideas, and solutions.

For additional details, call Dallas Park and Recreation Department: 214-670-8847.

DIRECTIONS: Winfrey Point building is located on the east side of White Rock Lake. Take Garland Road to Emerald Isle (near Barbec’s Restaurant) and turn in toward the lake. You can also take the scenic route by entering the park at Garland Road and East Lawther and meandering along the shoreline. Follow the road right up the hill and the building will be on top.