April 4, 2007

Timely Tips for April Gardners Compliments of Calloway's

Timely Tip for April Gardeners:

Creating Pots of Color

You can create your own masterpieces for the patio, porch or as an accent in the flowerbed. Just follow these easy steps and have fun!

First select a container appropriately sized for the job. Make sure it has drainage holes and is large enough for making an impact. Second, choose a well blended potting soil that drains well. Calloway's Patio Mix contains water-retaining crystals that release water over extended periods of time. Thirdly, choose plants that require the same lighting needs. Will the container be in full sun, shade or a mixture? In selecting the grouping of plants, mix different textures and colors of foliage. Vary the growing heights and trailing habits for interest. Choose bloom colors that have contrast or harmony. The fourth step is to start planting. Fill the container half way with soil, position the plants and start filling in with the rest of the potting soil. You can also add a fertilizer such as Calloway's Professional Flower Food into the soil. This slow release fertilize will provide continuous feeding over the season. Lastly, I add a top dressing of decorative bark or mulch. This adds the finishing touch, plus it will keep the soil cooler and prevent it from drying out as quickly.

After you have completed your masterpiece, sit back and watch it grow! Now you are ready to start planning your next one! Enjoy!