May 5, 2007

Calloway's May Newsletter

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Success in the garden is as close as your nearest Calloway’s Nursery! Truckloads of landscaping plants and color are arriving daily. Bags of mulch, compost and potting soil are ready and waiting to be added to your soil and containers. And last but not least, we have the knowledge and experience in every store to answer and advise you in all your gardening questions. Thumbs up to you and your garden this season! Follow this link for a look at this week's specials.

Spring Fling 2007
Join us Saturday, May 5, for a fun-filled family celebration! Stop by and enjoy activities for the children, clinics for adults, hourly drawings and savings for all! Check out our themed gardens and one-of-a-kind containers filled with blooming plants. Come celebrate spring with Calloway’s Nursery!

Fresh From The Garden

1. Daylilies
Exclusive at Calloway’s, this unique collection of Daylilies is available in Texas only at Calloway’s Nursery. The Trophytaker® collection offers twice the length of bloom time than regular daylilies, larger blooms in an array of colors and attractive foliage through fall. These are also more disease and insect resistant than most daylilies. In essence, this collection is so good that in a contest, these would take the “trophies!”

Another exclusive daylily collection is the Happy Ever Appster® series. This selection contains multiple repeat bloomers. These varieties will bloom, rest, bloom again, rest, bloom and so on. You will be amazed at the length of their season!

2. Sun Parasol™ Crimson Mandevilla
This new series of mandevilla features glossy, dark-green foliage accenting dark red flowers. The rich, velvety-textured blooms hold their color well and will not fade. Sun Parasol™ Crimson is excellent for staked planters or growing on trellises and fences. Hummingbirds are attracted to the trumpet-shaped flowers and the deep-red blooms. Enjoy color from May through October with this exciting tropical-looking vine!

Upcoming Clinics:
All clinics take place at every store Saturday at 10:15 a.m.

Saturday, April 28:

Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens
Create a habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies. Learn about the lore, habits and benefits of attracting these delicate and beautiful creatures to your garden.

Saturday, May 5:

Tropical Gardens
Many of our well-adapted plants have tropical roots. Come learn how these exotic plants fit into your landscaping plans.

Saturday, May 12:

Pottery Gardens
Use ceramic pots to add color and form to your gardens. Add colorful blooms and foliage for an instant impact! Find the perfect gift for that special mother.

3. Endless Summer® Hydrangea
Since its introduction in 2003, Endless Summer® has become a garden favorite! This variety is the first repeat-flowering big-leaf hydrangea, and with the ability to bloom on old and new growth, you’ll have a never-ending blooming season. Big, showy flowers range in color from fresh blue to a lively pink, depending on the pH level of your soil. Deep-green, disease-resistant foliage provides the large mophead blossoms a beautiful backdrop. Endless Summer® provides endless enjoyment all season long!

4. Organic Gardening
Calloway’s Organic Fertilizer provides a well-balanced 3-1-2 ratio. It also contains seven food-grade meals. This lawn and flowerbed fertilizer provides necessary nutrients the natural way! Our complete line of Espoma® products offer natural solutions to disease, insect and weed controls. This selection of fertilizer is a result of 77 years of gardening success. These products contain no sludge or hazardous or toxic materials. Come shop these options available to organic-gardener customers.

Shop today for all your gardening needs because…
life should be beautiful.

Callie’s Tidbit: Heirloom Bulbs Saved!
On April 3, Dallas/Fort Worth-area gardeners banded together to rescue rare flower bulbs from a future construction site. Thousands of Campernelle bulbs (Narcissus x odorus) have thrived in this empty lot in Fort Worth for more than 50 years, emerging once a year to reveal their rare beauty. These bulbs were relocated to the Crow Lake area along Trinity River in Dallas. They will become part of the newest landscape addition of the Trinity River Project. Calloway’s Nursery is proud to be part of this endeavor in preserving Texas’ heirloom flower bulbs.

Remember Calloway’s Nursery for any gardening questions. We have Texas Certified Nursery Professionals in every store to assist you in any way. Visit us today!

New Spring Store Hours: 9am-7pm Daily

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