August 27, 2007

Calloway's Timely Tips for August Gardners

Timely Tips for August Gardeners:

Conserve Moisture with Mulching!

Mulching is one of the keys to success that many homeowners use in their gardening and landscaping efforts. Add a three inch layer of mulch to your plantings and you will reduce evaporation of soil moisture and help insulate the soil from the drying wind and hot sun. Mulching also prevents weeds from sprouting and reduces the spread of soil borne diseases.

Calloway's offers premium aromatic cedar mulch with a pleasant aroma and golden look. The hardwood mulch is long lasting and mats together to prevent washing away. Decorative bark is available in three sizes to present a different look.

Whatever your choice of mulch, the final result gives a nice finished look to your flower or shrub beds!