August 4, 2007

Coyotes and what is being done about them...

The Lake Highland NHOA is working with the City of Dallas to catch and remove problem coyotes from the LHN Park and the neighborhood. The number number runs from 1-3 coyotes, but there could be more if the female has pups.

The City has set up barricades in an area of the LHN park behind the Estate Lane alley. The City has also posted signs "City of Dallas
Coyote Trapping Program" and a warning for people to "KEEP OUT." The neighbors whose houses back up to alley are very supportive of the
trapping program (they are the ones most affected) and keep their animals out of the area. Unfortunately, some people who are not affected by the coyote problem have been observed walking their dogs within the posted area. LHNHOA is endeavoring to determine the identify of the dog-walking trespassers and will solicit their cooperation.

The trapper has documented the coyote's route and confirmed that he/she responds to the trappers territorial lures. However, the trapper has not put out snares because of neighbors and their dogs wandering into the posted areas. No captures have been made to date.

Residents of the LStreets should keep cats and dogs indoors and remove cat or dog food and water from outside feeding stations. Be attentive to your surroundings if walking/jogging/picnicking or visiting the playground in and around the LHN Park, especially in early morning and after sunset.

For coyote problems, contact Adrian Vela, City of Dallas Animal Control Department, at 214-670-8380. Please contact the LStreets NA if you have any questions or comments.