December 8, 2007

Calloway's Timely Tips for January

Calloway’s Checklist for January

Colder weather is finally here but there is still plenty which can be done in your gardens. Take advantage of nice days and get a jump start on Spring!

1. Plant trees and shrubs at any time

2. Finish planting all Tulip and Hyacinth bulbs (which have been pre- chilled) and Daffodils (which do not need chilling)

3. Cold tolerant annual color, such as Pansies, Alyssum, and Dianthus can also be planted

4. Existing color in beds or containers can be fertilized using a water soluble complete fertilizer

5. Prune fruit trees and grapes

6. Prune evergreen shrubs, both evergreen and conifers

7. Do not top Crape Myrtles; the only pruning is to remove damaged branches

8. Prune summer blooming shrubs and vines

9. Mulch all flowerbeds or new plantings

10. Divide and transplant fall and summer blooming perennials, such as Garden Mums, Cannas, Coneflowers, Salvias

11. Start preparing your vegetable garden by adding compost-also beginning the planning stages of your garden

12. Have your soil tested by Calloway’s