March 23, 2008

Calloway's April Tips for Gardeners

Calloway’s Color Creations

Create an instant impact to your patio, porch or even to your flowerbed. Fill
containers with blooms and foliage for beautiful accents.

First, select a container appropriately sized for the job. Make sure it has
drainage holes. Use multiple containers of various sizes for stronger impact!

Next, select a well blended potting soil which drains well. Calloway’s
Premium Potting Soil contains water-retaining crystals that release water
over extended periods of time.

Choose plants that require the same lighting needs. Will the container be in
full sun, shade or a mixture? In selecting the plants, we go with the formula
of…thriller, spiller and filler. Your “thriller” is generally a taller, more
dramatic plant and is usually more centrally located in the container. The
"filler” are multiple plants which fill in the space around the “thriller”. The
“spillers” are placed around the edge of the container so as they grow they
will cascade over the edge.

Next, fill the container half way with soil, position the plants and start filling
in with the rest of the potting soil. You can also add a fertilizer such as
Calloway’s Professional Flower Food into the soil. This slow release
fertilize will provide continuous feeding over the season.

Last, add a top dressing of decorative bark or mulch. This adds the
finishing touch, plus it will keep the soil cooler and prevent it from drying
out as quickly.

Color Creations require little maintenance. Keep old blooms
pinched off and replace plants as needed. It is a constant
masterpiece in work! Visit your nearby Calloway’s Nursery for
examples of Color Creations and let your imagination run wild!