July 8, 2008

Calloway's Timely Tips for August Gardeners

Bring on the Heat- Summer Color!

During this season of hot weather, re-vitalize your garden beds. Fertilizing, pruning, new mulch and fresh plantings can all bring your flower beds back to life!

Fresh color is still available at Calloway’s in larger sizes for instant impact. Celosia, Vinca (Periwinkle), Lantana and Moss Rose are all good, reliable summer bloomers. Plant these directly into beds or containers to replace flowers which have reached their prime. Add Calloway’s Flower Food, a slow release fertilizer, and you will not have to fertilize for two months. Keep old blooms trimmed off to encourage repeat blooming. Add a new layer of mulch to flower beds and to containers to lessen evaporation and keep the soil cooler. Color abounds even in the heat of summer!

Just a reminder, Saturday, August 9th at 10:15 am, Calloway’s will conduct a clinic titled “Bring on the Heat-Summer Color!” Please join us to hear more about summer color.