July 17, 2008

Letter from Patricia Alexander Love

To: Homeowner Associations and Neighborhood Associations

Please pass this information on to your members via newsletter or e-mail regarding how to report street light outages.


With over 84,000 streetlights in the City of Dallas, the City needs your help finding and reporting street light malfunctions.

The City currently checks the freeways and major thoroughfares for outages on a monthly basis. However, due to limited staff, regular patrolling of residential neighborhoods is not performed. Therefore, it is critical that citizens report outages in their neighborhood.

Our goal is to reduce the number of street light outages Citywide. With your help, this goal can be achieved. ONCOR Electric Delivery is under contract with the City of Dallas to maintain lights on public streets.

To expedite your request for repair contact ONCOR Electric Delivery by calling the number listed below or log on to their website:

1-888-313-4747 - Customer Service Line

If repairs are not made within 10 working days, then notify the City:

Dial 311 - Ask for a “Street Light Maintenance Service Request”

City staff will contact ONCOR, investigate the issues and start tracking the repair time. ONCOR Electric Delivery is required by contract to repair most malfunctions within 15 working days. Only repairs involving knockdown poles, cable cuts or stolen wire justify delays beyond the 15 day requirement.

Examples of how to report locations are as follows:

In front of 2431 Main Street (or nearest address)
At the intersection of Main and Elm next to the restaurant
The 3rd and 4th lights from the northwest corner of Main and Elm
Light Pole Number I N 2E 315 (normally located on the front side of the pole)

Since ONCOR Electric Delivery’s crews make repairs in the daytime, a good description helps crews locate the problem on the first visit and expedite the repair.

Typical malfunctions Include:

Light not on at night Pole is damaged or leaning
Light cycles on and off Wires in pole are exposed
Light stays on during the day Light fixture is in danger of falling
Pole is knocked down Glass or lens is broken

If you need further assistance, call the Public Works and Transportation Department, Street Lighting Section, (214) 670-6904. Color brochures in English and Spanish are available upon request.


Patricia Alexander Love
Council Assistant to Councilmember Jerry Allen
Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla, 5FS
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 670-4068