February 12, 2009

Calloway's Timely Tips for March Gardeners

Create Instant Color!

Container gardens are fun and easy to create. They can be as simple as three small flowers potted together or as elaborate as a small tree or shrub planted in the center of pot with annual color planted around. Follow these simple steps when planting or plan on attending one of our FREE Container Garden Clinics in March.

First select a container appropriately sized for the job. Make sure it has drainage holes and is large enough for making an impact. Second, choose a well blended potting soil that drains well. Third, choose plants that require the same lighting and water needs. The fourth step is to start planting. Fill the container half way with soil, position the plants, and start filling in with the rest of the potting soil. You can also add a fertilizer such as Calloway’s Professional Flower Food into the soil. Last, add a top dressing of decorative bark or mulch. This adds the finishing touch, plus it will keep the soil cooler and prevent it from drying out as quickly.

After you have completed your masterpiece, sit back and watch it grow! Now you are ready to start planning your next one! Enjoy!

Check our website for Calloway’s/ Cornelius upcoming clinics: http://www.calloways.com/clinics.pdf