March 6, 2009

Calloway's Timely Tip for April Gardeners

Timely Tip for April Gardeners

Calloway’s Nursery offers many organic products to help you develop a “green” environment. We also offer traditional solutions but for the gardener who is exploring the “greener” side here are a few ideas.

It all begins with the soil, so have your soil tested the first of each year FREE at any of our stores. Organic matter is important to the soil composition. It helps with drainage and helps increase the soil microbe population. Expanded shale is also used to break up hard, compacted clay soils. Calloway’s Organic Fertilizer contains seven food-grade meals and can be applied to your lawn and other plantings. Top dress your flowerbeds and containers with our organic mulches. They not only break down slowly putting organic material back into the soil but, they also prevent weeds, conserve moisture and cool the soil during the heat of the summer.

Other organic insecticides and fungicides are Neem Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Dipel Dust and Insecticidal Soaps. These are products which are safe to use around pets and children. There are also beneficial insects available such as Ladybugs, Lacewings and Beneficial Nematodes! These guys will attack the pests and take care of them “naturally”.

Join us on April 18th, for our Earth Day clinic and learn more about our “natural choices”. Or, go to
for more information on clinics.