June 8, 2009

Audelia Library June Update

To: LHHOA Webmasters and Newsletter Editors
From: John Gould gould.john@sbcglobal.net
Re: Audelia Library June Update 6/3/09

June Events Calendar
Audelia Library Teen Center
Book Sale
Self Check-Out

1. June Events Calendar
Due to cost-saving efforts the library branches will no long be providing copies of their monthly calendar of activities. Instead, people will have to try finding the information via the internet. This doesn’t help people who don’t have computer access. As a result our Friends board has decided to put together a one-page sheet with all the activities at Audelia separated into those for children, youth and adults. Copies will be left on our Friends Exhibit Table at the entrance for anyone to pick up. A copy of the June calendar is an attachment to this email.

2. Audelia Library Teen Center
AT&T has given the Dallas Library System a grant to establish Teen Centers in
all the branch libraries. Keely Coghlan, library associate, will be responsible for developing the Audelia Teen Center . On Tuesday, June 16, there will be a “Grand Opening“ event starting at 10:30. Some library stacks are being removed to make room for tables and chairs where teens can spend time with lap-top computers provided by AT&T, and board games such as chess, checkers, etc. There are other programs scheduled in the auditorium.

3. June Book Sale
Our Friends monthly 2-hour book sales have been averaging $120 so they are not only worth our effort but they provide a lot of satisfaction for people who like to browse and find books at a very reasonable price. Book donations are steady and recently we received several items on cross-stitching, other needle-work and also quite a number related to cooking. If you have a request for us to be on the lookout for any specific books, let me know and we can make a note to set then aside for you.
At this point the book sales take about three hours of time from set up to put away. Our board members and a few others have been working the sales. If there are any of you who would like to volunteer to help occasionally, we could consider having book sales more often than once a month. Let me know if you are interested. Our next book sale is Sunday, June 28, 2-4.

4. Self Check-Out
Whenever the check-out line gets too long, remember that there is another option. You can use the self check-out machine located near the book drop-off slot if you don’t owe any penalties for late books. If you know how to use it and there is a long line particularly at closing time, it has been suggested that you might show other people how to use the machine. It is really quick and not complicated. Incidentally, Friends recently purchased a black sign, “Please Form A Line Here”, for the Circulation Desk to clarify where people should line up.

Be sure to log on to our Friends website, www.audelialibraryfriends.org, for the monthly calendar of events and catch any changes that may come about after the calendar is printed. If you have any suggestions please let me know.