December 22, 2009

Calloway's Timely Tips for January and February Gardeners

Timely Tip for January Gardeners
From Calloway’s Nursery

January is a good time to evaluate your gardens and start planning for the Spring. Prepare a sketch of your landscape complete with all permanent fixtures including the house, sidewalks, fences and trees. Keep notes of what did well and what needs to be replaced. Remember, your landscape is a continual work in progress!
Now is the time to prune fruit trees and grapevines. Shade trees and evergreen shrubs can be trimmed to maintain shape and to remove damaged or low lying branches. Do not top Crape Myrtles; only prune to remove damaged branches. Trim summer blooming shrubs and vines to tidy their appearance. Leave a smooth cut flush with the trunk or branch from which you pruned. Apply pruning paint to cuts larger than a pinkie to prevent diseases and insect infestations.
For more information, please join us for FREE in-store clinics regarding gardening topics. Clinics are held in every store.

Saturday, January 16th at 10:15 am-Pruning Techniques
Shape up your shrubs! Trim your trees! Understand why and when to prune. Check out the newest and best tools to get the job done!

Success in the garden begins with a good foundation! Become a member of our Garden Club and learn how to develop a beautiful landscape! Visit to join today!
Timely Tip for February Gardeners
From Calloway’s Nursery

Remember your Valentine with fresh, living flowers. Give roses which can be planted and enjoyed year round or a container of cool season color for an immediate impact on your porch or patio. Houseplants in attractive ceramic pots provide long lasting enjoyment for indoors. Gloves, tools and wind chimes all make great gifts. The list is endless, let your imagination “grow green”!
Also, please join us for FREE in-store clinics on timely gardening topics. These clinics are held in every store.

Saturday, February 6th at 10:15 am-Color Creations with Orchids-Create a beautiful, living Valentine’s gift which will last and last.

Saturday, February 13th at 10:15 am-Gardening with Roses-Give your Valentine roses that will provide blooms from Spring until Fall. Select from Earthkinds, Knock-Outs, Patented and Non-Patented varieties.

Saturday, February 20th at 10:15 am-Organics 101-Learn how to garden the organic way!

Saturday, February 27th at 10:15 am-Lawn Care-Be the envy of your neighbors. Learn what it takes to have a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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