June 5, 2013

Dallas Champion Animal Project

The Dallas Companion Animal Project, previously Metroplex Animal Coalition and Dallas Animal Advocates, have been hosting two spay/neuter events at Dallas Animal Services each month. Since August, 2012, over 1,200 dogs and cats have been spayed/neutered! In nine months, if half of these were female – that’s 1,200 litters prevented! Plus the prevention of the litters their offspring would have had!!! That’s an amazing number.

There is more work to do, however, and we need volunteers to accomplish this work. The goal is to continue these two free events – focusing on specific zip codes in Dallas – for at least 2 more years. At each event 65-80 surgeries are scheduled. The veterinarians and technicians handle the preparation and surgeries. Volunteers take care of the following: check-in, post-surgical monitoring, check-out, clean-up and laundry. In fact, sometimes, the folks we help need transport for their animals and we help with that, as well.

For many of the people we help and the animals who they entrust to our care, this can be a very scary day. Many of the dogs and cats have never been away from home, so they are very scared. Many of the people have no experience with surgery on their pet or what to expect. The volunteers are crucial to making this day as pleasant as it can be for both the pets and their human families.
Whether you have 1-8 hours on Sundays twice a month, once a month or several hours during the week to do laundry, we can use your help!

If you are interested, please email spaydallas2@yahoo.com to find out more about what kinds of help are needed.