August 18, 2005

Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association

The next meeting of the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association will be on August 22nd at 7:00pm at the Lake Highlands North Recreation Center. This is the umbrella association for Lake Highlands representing about 14,000 homes and the L Streets Neighborhood Association is one of the member organizations in LHAIA.

They will pick up the Drug Paraphernalia Petitions at the August 22nd General Meeting.

The agenda will be as follows:·
New City of Dallas Big Box Ordinance Presented by David Cossum – City of Dallas Planning Department ·
Lake Highlands Attorney Advisory Group· Update on the Drug Paraphernalia Campaign·
New Code Enforcement Campaign·
Crime Watch and You·
Update on the Sign and Beautification Project·
Retail News & 911 Campaign·
What's happening in the Apartments ·
Preview of "Apartments Exposed—From Best to Worst"·
Idea of a Lake Highlands Public Improvement District·

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