May 26, 2009

Audelia Road Library

May 19, 2009

To: LH Area HOAs
From: John Gould
Re: Audelia Library May Update #2

Family Literacy Program Successful Event
Mayor’s Summer Reading Program
City Budget Proposed Cuts
Please Form One Line Here
City Budget Preparation
May Book Sale

Parking was a real problem at the library last Sunday afternoon because over 1,275 parents and children participated in the Family Literacy Program. Besides hearing stories, children were taken on an African Safari Hunt through the library, had photos taken with Clifford the Big Red Dog and Lion David Axtell and went home with books. It was a great event for everyone involved and helps to serve as a kick-off to the Mayor’s Summer Reading Program.
Carol Dengle, the children’s librarian, will be visiting all of the schools in the area to promote the Summer Reading Program. Funds from Friends have been used for printing over 1000 registration applications that the children can use to enroll and keep track of the number of books they read. Incentive prizes are given to the children as they read different numbers of books. Friends have also made green pencils available for each one to use that gives our Friends new website address so they can check the website calendar for events throughout the year.
$1000 of Friends funds has made it possible for staff to purchase additional copies of books that students need for required summer reading.
At a suggestion from one of our Friends members, we have bought a standing floor sign for the Circulation Desk, “Please Form One Line Here”. This is to help clarify the checkout flow for patrons. If anyone has other suggestion for enhancing library service, please let me know so we can discuss it with staff.
City Budget Proposals are underway with the Council. Reductions across all departments are under discussion and according to the news media the library system may be impacted as well. With the downturn in the economy and job losses, libraries provide essential services to people of all ages and stages. Cutbacks are being considered in the number of days open, the hours open, and staff available. With the increase demand for library services, please contact our Councilmember Jerry Allen and other city officials and request that they carefully consider the budget impact. To give you some idea of the number of people using the Audelia branch, here are the figures for the last six days: 732,719, 575, 829, 602, and 1275 people.
Next Sunday we will have our monthly Book Sale , 2:00-4:00. Many people have donated books and we hope you will spread the word to those interested in browsing and getting some unbelievable buys.