May 26, 2009

Calloway's Timely Tips for June Gardeners

Timely Tip from Calloway’s Nursery
for June Gardeners:
Enjoy Summer Color
Spring flowers become but a memory as summer heats up!
However, our desire for a colorful landscape can still be
achieved. From annuals to perennials to shrubs to trees,
color is found in blooms, foliage and even in the plumes of
ornamental grasses.
The distinct patterns of Caladium leaves or textured foliage
of Coleus adds interest to shady gardens. The dazzling
Daylily or drought-tolerant Lantana provides splashes of
blooms for full sun. Crape Myrtles are sending forth sprays
of blossoms and the Esperanza displays clusters of bellshaped
flowers. Color abounds even in the heat of
Remember to use Calloway’s premium soils and mixes at
the time of planting and water well with a Root Stimulator
mixture. Also, add two to three inches of mulch to
conserve moisture, help keep the soil cooler and prevent
weeds from growing.
Attend our Free Saturday clinics, especially June 6th which
features the summer blooming Crape Myrtle. For a
complete listing of clinics, visit